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Video we shot with beat-box legend Reeps One in North London.

Filmed by Alex Munro

Sound by Linden Jay Berelowitz

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Local Posse vid ft. iNDEX, Reeps One, John Fairhurst, and More Like Trees.  Filmed this weekend by the More Like Trees crew.

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We got such good feedback from the first Joe Driscoll & More Like Trees video that we decided to go back through the footage from that day and put another one together.

Shot at ‘The Hub’ in London, this one is a song off Joe Driscoll’s newest album ‘Mixtape Champs’ called ‘Just Once’. While he usually performs it alone, we though we’d see what it sounded like with a full band behind him.  

Special thanks to John Hendicott again on the sound clean up.  Would also like to thank Cali in the background on the harmonies in this one and the whole More Like Trees crew.

Video by Alex Munro


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A taste of, British Reggae act, OnlyJoe’s upcoming (July 15th) EP.

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Check out JFB, an amazing scratch DJ, doing his “Killing In The Name” routine.  Have done a bunch of festivals with him this year and he absolutely kills it every time.

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Video we filmed a little while ago backstage at Sunrise Festival with this great band Coco’s Lovers.

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Deer Tick - Funny Word from Welcome To The West on Vimeo.

Just came across this site (Welcome to the West) today via Deer Tick’s Twitter.  Really cool project, doing a lot of the same things we’re aiming for with our video series.  Check out the rest of their videos here.

We invite a small audience watch each film shoot and try to remain semi-spontaneous about the location which is chosen by the artist and crew.

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Recent collaboration we filmed in London between live looping beatboxer Joe Driscoll and this fantastic new act called More Like Trees.

Video by Alex Munro


John Fairhurst folks, big up to the very talented Bright Black crew who we worked with on the video.

Direction, edit and sound mix by John Hendicott, cameras by Sha Baghaei, Alex Munro and Tom Chambers.